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“Ever improving resource for trading fundamentals and ideas”

“Brett has done a great job assembling and molding it into and up and coming resource for traders. As a novice trader, I especially found his videos that detailed previous trade setups insightful and valuable to my development. The website offers a weekly watch list that serves as a great starting point for research on ideas for the coming week. Brett is also gracious enough to provide disclosure regarding his positions. He supplements this by remaining active in the twitter-sphere as a means to keep his followers updated about his latest action and ideas. I look forward to watching the site evolve and will continue to use it as a prime reference for my due diligence. Thanks for your time and investment in the site. Keep up the great work.”


“ is the Real Deal”

“ is a great resource for traders of all levels. Each week, the site’s creator, Brett puts together a list of stocks to watch for in the week ahead. For each stock on the list, he explains in a very succinct and easy to understand manner why or why not the stock may move in the coming days. Along with the weekly watchlist, he also provides users with real time entries/exits on trades via Twitter.. I definitely recommend This kid and his site are the real deal.


“Amazingly Detailed and Educational Site”

“ is the website that inspired me to open up my blog, first of all. Brett provides his users with in-depth reports about stocks and sometimes he has guests write reports for the website. The opinions on are not all from Brett, but from other professional traders as well.

One of the best things about this site is that Brett has a TON more things than just your normal trading site. He has a video school where he explains different strategies and occurrences of certain stocks. Brett also provides his users with the psychology of trading which helped me a lot when I first started in the stock market.

Every week, Brett releases a watchlist with 4-5 stocks listed on it. He takes a look into each stock and provides a chart of each with lots of information and other sources to back it up. I find this information very helpful, so whenever he has a stock on his list that I don’t have on mine, I add it immediately. I would highly recommend joining this site.”


“Great site!”

“Biostocks is a great site. Brett does a significant amount of research and truly has great investment ideas. Over the last 6 months he has achieved a very impressive track record. Biostocks is also open about ALL their trades unlike other sites. I would definitely recommend joining.”


“Join, Learn, Share, Trade, Profit.”

“I found BioStocks on Twitter and at first never really checked the website out but once I did I was hooked. The articles are crisp and clear, typically un-biased information with a lot of quotes and a lot of links to back everything up. Brett’s website goes beyond trade reviews, watchlists, etc. He has blogs on self improvement, mindset development, etc. to make you an all around better investor and/or trader.

This is the kind of guy you want to work with.”


“Easy to understand, clear information!”

“I admire your passions for stocks, the information you share with everyone on daily biases. Most importantly doing everything that most kids I know have no clue about. It’s motivating to see that!”



“Have learned so much from this guy, Thank you”

“I cannot believe all the people talking bad about this site, my experience has been the complete opposite. He has had 1 on 1 skype video chats with me explaining SO MUCH too me that I did not understand. Anytime I had a question he has had the time to answer in depth which has been a problem for me to find :/. I have followed his trades, even his past trades before I started following him, they are all very real. I have personally made lots of $$ making trades directly after his tweets. sometimes I get in cheaper than him even :) I’ve been following him for 2 months and have MADE money on every trade so far ( I do not have enough $ to do all the trades but the ones I have). I’m sure the time will come that I lose money on one but that will go with any service you follow I’m sure. I have subscribed to 4 different subs and my gods honest opinion is this one is the most transparent and honest subscription service I’ve seen. And the personal experience has been terrific. For the $ this sub is by far the best bang for the buck. Feel free to follow me on twitter or if you have and questions I will give you my honest answer”



“BioStocks provides great trading analysis, ideas and education. Definitely recommend this website specially for traders looking for guidance in the biotech sector.”




“Biostocks is by far one of the best educational websites regarding trading in bios. I have only been a member for around a month however I have a ton from Brett regarding the run up/run down strategy. The layout of the website is great and the weekly watchlists are extremely insightful..”



“I recommend this site”

“It’s the only site I could find on Bio Tech stocks. I follow it and have been happy with results. I bought some calls on BIIB and made a very nice profit.”