Part Time Program

Would you like to receive the BioStocks service for FREE? If you sign up for the part time trading program you will not only reap the benefits listed below, but you will receive all of the membership perks from
Every trader is not created equal. We all have different account sizes, levels of experience, and other commitments outside of trading. Knowing this, it has come to our attention that some traders do not have the luxury of being in our live educational community during trading hours. However, we believe the learning process should not stop just because we have other responsibilities in our lives.

We have set up a program for the part time trader that puts EDUCATION first. This program enables users to learn at their own speed without compromising their daytime duties. Since trading is not just black and white, we cover the huge grey area in our daily video/text watchlist. That grey area is the combination of strategy, money management, and psychology. It is extremely important for traders to understand the environment around him or her before putting their capital at risk.
A trader in the part time program gets all the benefits of our full time members, with the exception of the personalized live 8hr daily educational webinar. Our goal with this program is to give the trader the flexibility they need to establish their trading foundation.

The program includes the following for just $1.49 a DAY ($44.95/mo):
• Nightly Video Watch list with a complete review of the day’s activities and an actionable watch list for the next trading day. We walk you through each stock and our plan when approaching each one.
• Nightly text recap of how the day went as well as how the macro market is developing. This includes specific stocks and what price is needed for them to trigger and come out of a range.
• Daily video of room activities that is sent out an hour after the close. This is a great educational tool for your library. With 8 hours of live commentary, strategy is discussed in full and you are able to see how real trades developed earlier that day.
• Review the morning strategy and the specific potential trade set ups that we pointed out before the open. This is game changing because with this feature you can go back and see/hear the exact thought process BEFORE the trade triggered, and then see how it played out.
• Full program includes another weekly watch list on the top stocks in play for the week ahead as well as thought provoking insight and analysis on how to become a better trader in the current market environment. A weekly video lesson at the end of each week which includes an analysis of the week’s plays and what we could have improved on, as well as what we did right. Live trades and important updates are tweeted from a private twitter feed in real-time.

The bottom line is that we are ALL trying to get better as traders. If you believe in our product, this is a perfect way to stay connected with our educational community. You receive all these educational opportunities, learn at your own pace for the fraction of the price, and even receive a free subscription to Education never stops. Learn to Earn.

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