Our Story

Our Story:
“Money never sleeps.”


I’m Brett Sifling, the CEO of, and I am here to develop your trading education by providing watchlists, video lessons, and live trades tweeted in real time from an exclusive private Twitter. Notice how I did not say alert service, because I am not here to provide trade alerts to blind followers who think they can just follow someone and make millions. I am here to take your trading to the next level by providing an educational pathway to become successful, self sufficient, and profitable.

I’m 18 years old and I study Finance at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, California. I have been featured in the Business Insider’s “20 UNDER 20: Meet The Teen Traders Trying To Take Over The Finance World”, The Wall Street Journal, Seeking Alpha, MBC, and many other credible news sources. I have been active in the financial markets since age 14, and first became successful by generating large percentage gains in relatively small accounts using specific risk defined strategies in the BioTechnology/Pharma niche. I built my account from the bottom up, which makes me very aware of the difficulties of starting with a small amount of capital and a dream to make millions. Since then my account has grown exponentially and I have broadened my trading education through hard work, endless studying, and of course the priceless experience learned from success and failure. I now trade pretty much anything the market throws my way, regardless of market conditions, because I have developed specific strategies for an up-market, down-market, and even a stagnate market.


I created this educational website because the biggest thing that hindered my development as a trader was falling into the traps of “get rich quick schemes”, instead of starting with a proper education. On I show you exactly what high-probability/low-risk means so that you can have a platform to build your account consistently without wasting years of your life as well as thousands upon thousands of dollars. This website provides a low cost, $25.99/mo ($0.86/day), stock trading classroom where you cut out the front running “Guru” trader and learn to trade on a professional level. You know exactly what my actionable plan is every week so there are no surprises, or front running my followers. This classroom is completely transparent and I take pride in not only showing my winning trades, but my losing trades as well, because I believe that is where we learn the most. This website is unique from anything you have ever come across because my age allows a hungry fresh mind to innovate in ways never seen before. I have a dream to soon make it to the financial capital of the world as a hedge fund manager and I would love for you to be right along my side while I teach you the ropes.


Happy Trading,

-Brett Sifling (@BsiflingTrades)


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