Daily Journal Update 1/23/13: More Finals. More Lifting. More Stocks.

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Just to re-cap (and partly to give my friend a hard time) he sold his lucky $AMGN calls on this mornings pop for some nice gains. Of course after he sold, it faded back just before earnings, and then earnings beat marginally and was trading down in after hours. I’m glad my numerous (joking) death threats and bashing article convinced him to sell LOL! Anyways, it was a good lesson learned, and some good money was made. Congrats to him.

I had finals today (Econ and A.P Psychology) and passed both. Easy. Tomorrow I take my A.P Probability and Statistic final along with Bio-Chem.. should be a bit more challenging. I think I hurt my elbow while lifting today as well. I really hope it isn’t serious, I am icing and hoping for the best. Should be fine. Also watched more of The O.C today. Greatest show in the world…. seriously guys… watch it!

Trading was also a bit slow today. Modest gains in most my bios, and since most are swings, the profits will just keep building (at least that’s the goal). The $SPY rose +0.24 today to 149.37 (+0.16%) on a slow grind. The market seems a lot calmer recently, but I am still afraid that is going to change real quick. We were down a bit after hours, so it will be interesting to see if we can test 150.00 tomorrow. 150.00 is a key level for obvious reasons, psychology, psychology, psychology. $AAPL got killed today on their earnings report. Apparently everyone DOESN’T have an iPhone. They need innovation, now. I had a contest to see who would guess the closest to the opening price tomorrow morning, winner gets a free 6 month premium subscription. Good luck guys! $NFLX however was sent flying up to 139.99 from it’s 103.26 close. Imagine that, $AAPL down and $NFLX up.. is the world coming to an end?

Materials traded lower on weakness in metals and chemicals. Steel stocks traded lower after moving higher on price hikes yesterday. Precious metal stocks traded lower in the 1% range after moving higher in recent sessions. Commodities were mostly lower, with gold, crude, natural gas and grains trading lower. Gold traded off by 0.37% and silver traded up. No one really cares I know.

Overall it was an alright day. Feeling confident in trading, up to 150lbs on my workout diet (goal 175 by June), and feeling confident in school as well. Still sick though, and this NyQuil is kicking in again, so goodnight!



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