Daily Journal Update 1/18/13: It’s Friday

Annnnnnnnnnnnd that’s a wrap for the week fellas, and a pretty good one might I add. I had a pretty slow Friday now that I have switched a lot of my trades into swings, but still managed to pull off an $AAPL short. I made like $10 on the small position, but gained some valuable experience. It was pinned to $500.. shocking right? I thought the $500 pin would be to obvious, but apparently the obvious was the obvious which no longer made it obvious??? Anyways, it was pinned.

Now I could go on about my positions, and other things, but to be honest you guys need to stop reading this. It’s Friday!!! Go out and enjoy life!!! I’m off to the gym before heading out to party in beautiful California. You should go socialize. The market will always be there (Except for Monday because we are closed)! Do not bleed the world for pennies, go out and discover the world!

Catch up with you guys later!


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