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Would you like to receive the BioStocks service for FREE? Check out our full time educational program, it builds you from the bottom up. Below you will find a schedule of our trading day, as well as the perks included upon signing up.

We’ve all been on the same starting route of wanting to get rich quick.. well newsflash, it doesn’t work like that. Signing up for a newsletter and having the guru feed you “picks” and brag about his “huge” wins is a quick way to lose money in the stock market. I’ve been subbed to many gurus, it almost never works because of the front running and publicity of the trade. How do you expect to profit with 500-1000+ subs buying the same stock before you, only to dump at the first sight of a 1% profit?

Well how do you ACTUALLY make money in the stock market?

It’s Simple: A Formal Education

I’ve learned a ton from professional partners like @Danshep55 and the people in his room (@sandman7591 @bman_alerts @speculator @thebscott @plungeprotection etc) including pros that aren’t even known on twitter because they DO NOT CARE about external recognition. These are real guys that make big money trading. REAL PROFESSIONALS that do this for a living. It is a small elite group (only 35ish in the room) with a personal connection. Everyday we put on an 8hr webinar, with @Danshep55 live trading his screen in front of you. No front running like other gurus, and you can ALWAYS ask whatever you need. No secrets, only education. You get to ask why, when, how, etc about ANYTHING anytime during the day.

Now, not only do you get to participate and learn in the everyday live trading, but you get a nightly watch-list. The text and video watch-list comes out every night and goes over the day as well as the specific setups for the next day. Don’t worry, if you couldn’t make it to chat that day, you can playback all 7hrs of the chat if you want to see how we handled a specific set up.

BUT the best part is, if you sign up with the full time program I will give you
the service for free. I will also be in the chat room everyday so you can contact me with whatever questions you may have. It is $139.99 a month for the program, but you are ALSO getting my $25.99 service for FREE. There are trials available for cheaper if you’d like to try it out before signing up, or if you are under 21 (with proof). Just email me and explain your situation.

This is truly unlike any “guru” service because here we are all about EDUCATION. I learned how to become a profitable trader from the people in this room, in fact I’m personally in there learning from these guys everyday with my own full time membership. We want to develop traders to become independent, by walking them through every step. No secrets, it’s just education. Money management, psychology, technical analysis, and everything else needed is taught here. Leave the social media behind. Leave the “gurus” behind. Join the family.

Full Time Program Includes:
• Personalized mentorship program
• Fully integrated voice, video, and text chatroom. Learn by hearing the mentor’s voice
guide you through trades as well as viewing the mentor’s screen.
• Live question and answer during daily 8hr video/text webinar
• Full support from room moderator
• Nightly text recap of how the day went as well as how the macro market is developing.
This includes specific stocks and what price is needed for them to trigger and come out of
a range.
• Nightly Video Watch list with a complete review of the day’s activities and an actionable
watch list for the next trading day. We walk you through each stock and our plan when
approaching each one.
• Daily video of room activities that is sent out an hour after the close. This is a great
educational tool for your library. With 8 hours of live commentary, strategy is discussed
in full and you are able to see how real trades developed earlier that day.
• Review the morning strategy and the specific potential trade set ups that we pointed out
before the open. This is game changing because with this feature you can go back and see/hear the exact thought process BEFORE the trade triggered, and then see how it played out.
• Access to other traders with different experience levels (beginner, intermediate, and professional) as well as different account size (paper trading to MILLIONAIRES)
• Never trade alone again. The REAL professionals you see on twitter (@DanShep55, @sandman7591, @bman_alerts, @speculator, @thebscott @plungeprotection, etc) are right beside you in the same room.
• Full program includes another weekly watch list on the top stocks in play for the week ahead as well as thought provoking insight and analysis on how to become a better trader in the current market environment. A weekly video lesson at the end of each week which includes an analysis of the week’s plays and what we could have improved on, as well as what we did right. Live trades and important updates are tweeted from a private twitter feed in real-time.

Daily Schedule:
9:00 am est: Morning strategy. Pre market most actives. Story stocks, watch lists with specific price entries, and overall market outlook for the day ahead.
9:30 am – 12:00 est: Primary trading action
12:45pm-1.30 pm est: Morning recap of the market action. Go over trades (Winners and losers). Strategy for the afternoon setups. Full Q&A for all members on current positions, potential trades, and overall market chatter.
2:00 pm est: Afternoon session begins.
4:00 pm est: Market closes. Extended session begins till 8pm for those who chose the after-hours most actives.

Go enjoy the rest of the day with your family and friends. Tomorrow we do it again.

Let me know if you have ANY questions. If you sign up using the button below, make sure you email me ( so I can give you a walk through and credit you for free.

Cancel your subscription at anytime if you are not completely satisfied.

Happy Trading,
-Brett Sifling (@BsiflingTrades)

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