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        • turdtrader says:

          As you might image, we are all pretty cautions about following a 16 year old. Most of us had no idea about the stock market (and didn’t even care) when we were 16 years old. I think it would help your credibility and get you some more respect, if you would give more details about your background.

          Some of the questions floating around my mind are:

          1. What got you interested in Trading Stocks? Did you watch tv, see rich people and say “I wanna be like them”, and then you had to figure out how to make money?

          2. Do you come from a background of wealth? i.e. how much money did you have to fund your account and where did you get it? Do you have over $25,000 to avoid the day trading limits?

          3. Is it even legal for a 15 yr old (when you started following Sykes) to trade stocks or did you have to get a parent to co-sign your trading application?

          4. How did Options House approve you to short sell stocks, with so little previous history / knowledge?

          5. If you are still in high school, and trading from a smart phone while in high school, can you really swing trade, momentum trade without watching everything every minute?

          6. You have to admit you are pretty rare for a 16 yr old to be interested in this stuff, including self-improvement, etc., so any additional family history & background would be helpful.

          … and a few “Fous-style” videos of you driving some fancy money car and standing in front of a wall of 80 inch flat screens would be the shizz!

          You should also put some paragraph breaks in your bio, and double check grammar usage, little typos like “bio-techs where severely hurt” make the cynical write nasty comments on Twitter, lol.

        • bsifling says:

          I can see why you might be a little hesitant at first following me because I am so young. I have no problem with that because most people are shocked at first, and don’t think I really know what I’m talking about. I have put an immense amount of time and effort into this game and my results are showing. Thank you for the suggestions, and here are some short term answers until I can write a more, well-rounded ‘About Me.’

          1.) I got into trading stocks when I began small chat with my Chemistry teacher last year (10th grade). He taught me the very basics of what stocks are, how they work, etc. I was hooked instantly on the money making opportunity and began researching from there. My grandpa is also an investor and I have always been interested on how he became so wealthy. He does not live near me however, and we do not really talk about the subject. He is very long term anyways.

          2.) I do not come from a background of wealth. My family is a modest middle class family, and we do not have the money to throw into the market for me to lose. My first account was actually only $500.00 with Etrade, and that was a big deal to me. After a few more months however my dad did fund me with a 2k account over at Thinkorswim to allow me to short stocks. I built it up to about 3.5k but lost almost all of it in BPAX when I held through Libigel results. You can check out my pro fitly here: . After I was devastated by the loss, I studied every day and night before finally asking my grandpa to fund an account for me. He graciously offered me 3k and I have now turned that into more than 6k since 1/23/12. I was also recently contacted by an investor who loved my site and offered me to trade a 9k account for him. I agreed and am now currently trading with a total of over 16k+.

          3.) My dad is the official owner of both the Thinkorwim and Options House accounts. My investor is the official owner of the Scottrade account.

          4.) Anyone approved for a margin account at Options House is allowed to short stocks.

          5.) My school starts at 10:45 est, which allows me some time at the open to be on my computer. This is where most of the plays happen anyways (In the first hour of trading). Other than that, yes I’m completely mobile. I use the Thinkorswim app to watch quotes, and use the others to just place orders. I have become very quick at it.

          6.) I am not sure how family history would relate to my story because their is nothing extraordinary about it. No one, other than my grandpa, is active in the stock market. I am 100% self taught. I love trading. I don’t do it for the money (although it is nice) but I do it because I love it. It is a hobby, not work to me. I have always managed my time very well. Self-improvment is very important to me because I always want to be the best, and have the best.

          I don’t really have any of the nice things to make that video with, but maybe one day I will get there. I personally do not like FOUS so I would never do anything to ‘be like him’ anyways..

          I hope some of this helps to get to know me a little better. If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know :)

          -Brett Sifling

        • jeremiahtrader says:

          Hi B, great work here. I saw you followed Tim Sykes, did you pay 100/month? What about biorunup? Curious, I am thinking of joining to learn. Worth it? My priorities right now are to learn to short, hedge with options, and learn to read level 2s. Thanks for your help.


        • bsifling says:

          Hey Jeremiah,

          Thanks for the kind words. For Sykes, I was apart of his tim alerts (49.99) plan for a couple months, then upgraded to silver for 2 months (99.99). With Biorunup, I got a discounted yearly membership, but it was terminated 9 months in due to a conflict of interest.. and I was refunded my money. Mark (biorunup) did not allow me to subscribe any longer because I wrote for my own site.

          If you have a gmail account I will gladly chat with you during market hours to help you out with your priorities.

          -Brett Sifling

        • jeremiahtrader says:

          Hey B- jshawsd@gmail- Its funny I am actually a Special Ed teacher- well recent SDSu grad, out of work in August (teaching). I work nights a psych house, so I trade daily with subscirbe to Tims site for August, nee dot pack in eucaiot nwhen have the time. Been at it 9 month, started with 10K, made 5.5K profit, was up to 8.3K profit until I got crushed by HZNP and AMRN. Still holding both, ambivalent about next move with HZNP, wil lwait for NCE on Aarin or buyout, really like the company, product and managment. I saw you in chat with Scott, love that guy. Okay, got to go see clients.



        • counsel0857 says:

          Would you recommend paying for Tim Sykes service? Does his trading method even work? What about Biorunup?

        • bsifling says:

          I subbed to both of them and learned a lot, but its not for me now. You’ll have to research and decide whether or not its worth it, but if you do decide to pay for one or the other, please use my links :)

        • counsel0857 says:

          Thanks Brett!